"Headlights" was recorded throughout most of 2019 and released  on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, You Tube, Tidal and all other major digital outlets in January 2020.

There are 11 tracks, all of which fit into the mould of quite traditional folk or soft rock. In all, 'Headlights' took around nine months and many, many recording/mixing hours. Of all the tracks I've written, I think some of these are my strongest. 

Becky Todd provided the excellent art work which is derived from her piece 'The Midnight Hare'. 

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Some tracks from 'On/Off' are now playing on IMP or 'Indie Music People'. This consists of various radio stations. 'On the Air' has so far featured on Follow Radio, Eve's Musical Day and The Corridor. 'Burning Down One Side' has been added today.

The videos for the four songs released from 'On/Off' to date have had over 10,000 views on You Tube which is amazing.

The video for the song 'Burning Down One Side' is...up. Again, it is taken from 'On/Off', which can be bought here and video can be seen here.

The video for 'On the Air' is available on YouTube here. It is from the album 'On/Off' which I finished recording last year. It's available on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp etc. Hope you enjoy it!

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