'New Town'

I've been writing a musical over the last 18 months or so. Yes. A musical. It centres around a family that move from the slums of East London in the early 60's to a fictional 'new town'. The story is quite simple, really and centres around their trials and tribulations, settling down, relationships and so on. Amongst the themes are family, relationships, LGBTQ issues, communication, etc. I wanted it to have a really positive vibe and to reflect the genuine optimism of the age - especially in regard to re-housing families from poorer areas - it was a revelation to many to live in houses with all the 'mod cons' we have now come to take for granted. The female characters all demonstrate strength and a determination in overcoming obstacles. The music is inspired by Motown and Stax Soul, (although doesn't attempt to overly mimic it). I have produced and mixed backing tracks for the show and also an 'example' soundtrack version to demonstrate how the songs are to be sung, (as I can't read or write music). I think the 'soundtrack' version is pretty good and I think deserves to be heard generally, rather than just languishing as a 'demos of how to sing the songs'.

You can hear and buy full versions of the songs here.

Currently, I am re-editing a few scenes of the script and it will eventually appear on a website so that licences, the script, backing tracks and the 'songs from new town' album can be downloaded in order that groups might perform it. I've purposefully ensured that the performing rights will be very affordable, so that amateur groups don't spend a fortune in trying to put on a production of 'New Town'. Amateur performing rights can easily exceed £1k just for a 3 performance run; you could do New Town for £300! More information to follow.

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