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New Town EP 31.12.21

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Photograph EP 31.12.21

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A little bit unexpectedly, I have a new album called 'Satellite'. Recorded mostly over 2018, it is a lot more experimental and varied that anything that has come before from me. It has 11tracks, 3 of which are instrumentals. After two years of trying to complete 'something'....(and being distracted in the meantime by 'New Town'), I returned to some of the tracks I had been working on with a healthy irreverence and worked very quickly, adding guitar, synth, vocals and so on. Apart from a few vocals from session singers, 'Satellite' is completely homemade, including the mastering and backing vocals on two tracks by my brother.

I felt like doing the kind of music that I wanted to do, not what I thought would be acceptable to others - so if you like it, great, (there's got to be someone, right?!) - and if not, I am unbothered. Give it a spin though if you fancy.

Click here.

I have recently finished some filming for a mini-series on the reformation in the 16th century in England. Unsurprisingly, it's called 'The Reformation'. The episode I was involved with deals with the western rising, otherwise known as 'The Prayer Book Rebellion'. I played a peasant, a farmer and the son of a lady in waiting. I had a line or two, (if not cut) and it was great fun. My favourite bits were getting my throat slit(!) and the spoken part as a farmer using a probably not very precise Lancashire dialect. The series should be completed by Easter 2019.

After very many revisions, licensing for 'New Town' is finally available for schools and community groups to perform, together with backing tracks and the soundtrack 'demo' version which has been re-mastered by myself, (following professional mastering which I thought was too heavy handed and lost a lot of the dynamics). The music is mostly inspired by Motown/Stax and uses drum sounds from that era (sampled at 'Fame' Studios in Muscle Shoals, using drum kits and equipment like a rare Helios console to capture the sound). You can download a copy of 'Waiting for the Day' completely free from as well as listen to all the other songs from the show. You can purchase all the songs individually, or as a album - if you are intending on producing the show, the album comes as part of every 'rights' package. These are the best quality versions of the songs available, although you can also download the album from Bandcamp, (slightly lesser audio quality).

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