Today last year...

'Today' the song I wrote and sang to my wife at our wedding reception, which was recorded in the Autumn of 2013 was released on this day a year ago. I was very nervous about it because no-one had really heard anything I had done in music for a long time or in fact, ever! I was really happy that people were very supportive and seemed to like the song, which gave me the confidence to work on some more. Talking about new material, the song I had said I had completed in my last post, wasn't in fact quite finished as I'd thought. There were some elements I wanted to correct and I ended up doing 33 revisions and recalls in the end! I am working on the accompying songs, (which are more upbeat than HM), although I will not be able to complete them in my little studio room here in the Surrey Hills as we are packing up and moving to Somerset this summer.

Here is a reminder of 'Today' - have a great rest of the bank holiday!

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