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New music coming + relocation

New music is on the way. I've been working lately on two songs; 'Rain' started life as a completely different song which was stripped back to piano and guitar chords from the original recording. I gave it a new melody, lyrics, arrangement and some Stewart Copeland style hi-hats. It has kind of a reggae, syncopated rhythm and has some synthy textures and little experiments going on. 'This is Love' has a kind of a soul arrangement which continues to develop. The songs I will be working on after final completion of these two songs are Believe (which I wrote in 1999, but I have never been happy with any of my attempts to record it) and a completely new song called 'On the Air' (well, it's nearly a year old now already). 'Believe' is in 3/4 time (waltz) and needs quite a lot of work arrangement-wise (and no it's not Cher's song....). 'On the Air' is a mid-tempo song which is not hugely far from being complete (famous last words...). Work will have to stop within the next month or so as I have to pack down my studio room here in Surrey in order to make the move to Somerset. We hope to do one more move after that and then buy a property which will allow me to build a permanent studio space (either in an out building or in attached garage).

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