'What I Did on My Holidays'

Little bit of an update from me;

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my efforts in music. I really appreciate all the positive comments, likes and shares.

Both ‘Harvest Moon’ and ’99 Degrees Fahrenheit’ will be getting a ‘physical release’ as well as being available via download. They will come in standard jewel cases, with gloss inlay cards and booklet with a ‘vinyl’ look CD-R with printed label. More details on how to buy soon.

After a couple of months break, I spent the summer recording, (anyone who knows me well will know that when I am left to my own devices, I will pretty much always be found in my back room ‘studio’ tinkering and occasionally pottering), drafting out some ideas for songs – drawing in some old songs that had yet to recorded and improvising some music from scratch. In more than one case, what I started with mutated into something completely different and often something I would not have imagined writing had I sat down with an acoustic guitar and written in the traditional way. The sound is very different from ‘Harvest Moon’ (and ‘99 Degrees Fahrenheit’) , but I hope it won’t take four and a half years to finish like Harvest Moon! I hope to show snippets of the recording as I go along via the website.

I will try and update the website every month from now on as I am aware I haven’t touched it since September last year!

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