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New Town EP 31.12.21

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Photograph EP 31.12.21

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Hello again.

I have done an album of songs, recorded over four and a half years in the little home studios I’ve had in spare rooms and corners in Hertfordshire, Sussex and Surrey. There are 10 tracks including Today and Silver Angel (together with an acoustic version of the former). I’ve called it Harvest Moon (there’s a story behind the title) and it was mastered by Barry Gardner of Safe and Sound Mastering.

It will be available on Bandcamp and also itunes, Spotify from Monday 16th June.



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To commemorate our wedding day last year and ahead of our one year anniversary, I have recorded the song which I wrote and sang to my wife at our wedding reception, which is called 'Today'.

The recording has a full arrangement featuring drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, 'Rhodes' piano and a sampled grand.

You can hear and download the song from Bandcamp. Click the link opposite to hear the song at Bandcamp.

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