"Headlights" was recorded throughout most of 2019 and released  on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, You Tube, Tidal and all other major digital outlets in January 2020.

There are 11 tracks, all of which fit into the mould of quite traditional folk or soft rock. In all, 'Headlights' took around nine months and many, many recording/mixing hours. Of all the tracks I've written, I think some of these are my strongest. 

Becky Todd provided the excellent art work which is derived from her piece 'The Midnight Hare'. 

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If you've been following my Instagram posts (itsstevehorne), you will know that I have been writing and recording new material since March 2020, during the first lockdown. Eight songs are now finished completely, (maybe a few tinkerings here and there to do ... - I don't know why I say 'maybe' - there is always something I go back on and tweak), with another two to complete the set, the first of which I am mixing now. I estimate that I will finish - probably some time in June/July if everything goes to plan.

The songs are mostly traditional pop/rock-based songs with an electronic element to them, although there are definite funk and soul references in there! All in all, I'd say they are my most accessible songs to date. I have invited two excellent, female backing singers to sing on some of the songs (and my rule is - if it's a great performance (which they were) and carries the song to a height, (which they did) then push the fader up!

More to follow.


Here is the video for the song 'She Keeps Me On' (from 'Headlights') - I originally wanted to share this a few months ago, but wondered if some of the lyrics might be misinterpreted; at the time we were at the height of the pandemic in the UK. Anyhow - I think it is one of the best recordings/songs I have done to date. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here for the link to the video.

Hi! Hope the new year is treating you well! 'Satellite' has been remastered and can be heard/purchased on Bandcamp now. It will be released on Spotify/Amazon/iTunes-Apple/Shazam and all major worldwide digital distributors on Sat Feb 1st. It has a slightly different cover, (titling is smaller so that Mary McIntosh's excellent artwork can be more clearly seen). The remaster replaces the original version, which will no longer be available.

'Still' has also been remastered and is now featured on Bandcamp (again, replacing the original version). It will be available on Spotify/Amazon/iTunes-Apple etc. on Mon 3rd February.

The Apple/Spotify/Amazon/GooglePlay etc. release of 'Headlights' will occur on Sun Feb 2nd. There have been very positive reactions to the songs, so please share/like/pass on wherever possible. Cheers!

Napster, GooglePlay, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam, Spotify and Amazon (and other international distributors):

'Satellite' - 1st Oct

'Headlights' - 2nd Oct

'Still' - 3rd Oct

Meanwhile, '99 Degrees Fahrenheit', 'Harvest Moon' and 'On/Off' are being taken down from all online stores except Bandcamp, including Spotify. They will go back up again in a month or so. This is due to changing the service that deals with online retailers.

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