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New Music Coming Soon!

If you've been following my Instagram posts (itsstevehorne), you will know that I have been writing and recording new material since March 2020, during the first lockdown. Eight songs are now finished completely, (maybe a few tinkerings here and there to do ... - I don't know why I say 'maybe' - there is always something I go back on and tweak), with another two to complete the set, the first of which I am mixing now. I estimate that I will finish - probably some time in June/July if everything goes to plan.

The songs are mostly traditional pop/rock-based songs with an electronic element to them, although there are definite funk and soul references in there! All in all, I'd say they are my most accessible songs to date. I have invited two excellent, female backing singers to sing on some of the songs (and my rule is - if it's a great performance (which they were) and carries the song to a height, (which they did) then push the fader up!

More to follow.



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