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My homemade album recorded between Spring 2021 and Summer 2024, featuring musicians and singers recorded in remote locations from USA, Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine, India etc. including Grammy winning saxophonist Fabian. 

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I would really like people to hear this music. It all helps! Thanks!

Higher Power

Motion of the Starts

In Your Eyes

The Great Escape



Staring at the Sun

You & I

The Mirror Pool

Shine On

Hear the podcast where I talk about how I wrote, recorded & mixed the songs, here.

Watch videos here.


Vocals -  Liliia Kysil, J, Raffaella, Allison Duckworth, Leanne Horne,  Vrinda Vinod

Trumpet - Mykhailo Kobets

Saxophone - Fabian

Accordian - Ori Karin

Mastered by Barry Gardner for Safe & Sound Mastering

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