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In Jan 2022, I put some feelers out about whether any talented souls would be interested in putting an originals recording band together. As these things sometimes do, the idea mutated into something else; namely a songwriting/recording partnership with Kathi Connick which we named 'TinType2'. We started writing/recording soon after, in February 2022 and 14 months later, we’ve completed 10 tracks which have now been professionally mastered by Barry Gardner, (Ronnie Wood, Craig David, John Legend et al).

The 10 tracks, (8 songs, 1 instrumental, 1 sort of instrumental), span quite a lot of influences, from Pink Floyd-eqsue rawk, to soul/funk, to folk to Drill. Ok, not Drill. At the root of it all, really is folk, although it may not be immediately obvious.

This is the first song we’d like you to hear, if you’d be so kind as to wrap your ears around it. It’s called ‘Ascend’. My favourite part is the clown honk. Here is the video which we cobbled together from some stock footage and bits of old string.

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