Hi! Thanks for returning to, or visiting my site for the first time. It's been down for a while and has a new look. Over the last few months I've been recording some new music; 'Still'. It has five songs and six instrumentals and is a close cousin to last year's 'Satellite', although I think 'Still' is a lot more focused, hopeful and refined. Again, it's completely home-made (including mastering (which I feel I got better at this time around)). My wife provides some backing vocals on 'What Goes Around' as well as some percussion. The songs are more traditionally 'rock' (except 'What Goes Around' which is quietly funky) with some experimental elements thrown in and the instrumentals are definitely experimental. Many of the songs feature my Siel Mono synth which I bought in 1987, (basically an Italian copy of the Mini Moog) which has become severely battered over the years - it did throw out some sounds though and I was determined that I would record it before it completely gave up the ghost (the last time I recorded it was in the early 2000's I think). You can listen and buy here.

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