A little bit unexpectedly, I have a new album called 'Satellite'. Recorded mostly over 2018, it is a lot more experimental and varied that anything that has come before from me. It has 11tracks, 3 of which are instrumentals. After two years of trying to complete 'something'....(and being distracted in the meantime by 'New Town'), I returned to some of the tracks I had been working on with a healthy irreverence and worked very quickly, adding guitar, synth, vocals and so on. Apart from a few vocals from session singers, 'Satellite' is completely homemade, including the mastering and backing vocals on two tracks by my brother.

I felt like doing the kind of music that I wanted to do, not what I thought would be acceptable to others - so if you like it, great, (there's got to be someone, right?!) - and if not, I am unbothered. Give it a spin though if you fancy.

Click here.

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