"Headlights" was recorded throughout most of 2019 and released  on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, You Tube, Tidal and all other major digital outlets in January 2020.

There are 11 tracks, all of which fit into the mould of quite traditional folk or soft rock. In all, 'Headlights' took around nine months and many, many recording/mixing hours. Of all the tracks I've written, I think some of these are my strongest. 

Becky Todd provided the excellent art work which is derived from her piece 'The Midnight Hare'. 

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New music is on the way. I've been working lately on two songs; 'Rain' started life as a completely different song which was stripped back to piano and guitar chords from the original recording. I gave it a new melody, lyrics, arrangement and some Stewart Copeland style hi-hats. It has kind of a reggae, syncopated rhythm and has some synthy textures and little experiments going on. 'This is Love' has a kind of a soul arrangement which continues to develop. The songs I will be working on after final completion of these two songs are Believe (which I wrote in 1999, but I have never been happy with any of my attempts to record it) and a completely new song called 'On the Air' (well, it's nearly a year old now already). 'Believe' is in 3/4 time (waltz) and needs quite a lot of work arrangement-wise (and no it's not Cher's song....). 'On the Air' is a mid-tempo song which is not hugely far from being complete (famous last words...). Work will have to stop within the next month or so as I have to pack down my studio room here in Surrey in order to make the move to Somerset. We hope to do one more move after that and then buy a property which will allow me to build a permanent studio space (either in an out building or in attached garage).


'Today' the song I wrote and sang to my wife at our wedding reception, which was recorded in the Autumn of 2013 was released on this day a year ago. I was very nervous about it because no-one had really heard anything I had done in music for a long time or in fact, ever! I was really happy that people were very supportive and seemed to like the song, which gave me the confidence to work on some more. Talking about new material, the song I had said I had completed in my last post, wasn't in fact quite finished as I'd thought. There were some elements I wanted to correct and I ended up doing 33 revisions and recalls in the end! I am working on the accompying songs, (which are more upbeat than HM), although I will not be able to complete them in my little studio room here in the Surrey Hills as we are packing up and moving to Somerset this summer.

Here is a reminder of 'Today' - have a great rest of the bank holiday!


You will be able to buy 'Harvest Moon' as a 'physical CD' from 2nd March on Bandcamp and '99 Degrees Fahrenheit' from 9th March. They are in standard jewel cases, with 4 panel booklet w/glossy outer, 'vinyl look' CDR with centre label. Cost is £5 + £1.99 shipping/p&p.


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